John Grogan has more than 32 years of experience working in public accounting and consulting. He started his career as an auditor and business systems consultant with two large regional public accounting firms. John has worked with many different industries and his services are diverse. Check out some of his services below.

Small Business Accounting

As a small business owner, you need to concentrate your time on your business not on accounting for your business. We can provide accounting services for you so you can work on your business. From reconciling your bank statements to preparing Compiled Financial Statements, we will assist you in running your business.

CFO/Controllership Services

If you have the need but not the resources for a full time senior CFO/Controller, we can provide these services for you. we will become part of your senior management and will provide you with high level financial services you need for your business. These services include communicating with your management and outside parties and explaining complex financial concepts for non-financial managers. We will also help you organize your accounting system functions and establish internal controls and develop a system of financial performance measurements that support your company’s strategic goals.

John will work with your business personally and can work with your current CPA auditing firm or your current CPA tax firm in order to assist your business.

Accounting System Consulting

We have worked many of the most popular accounting systems from entry level systems to highly sophisticated ERP systems. Our services include installation, configuration, training and fine tuning of your accounting system software.

While most accounting software programs work well many are not set up correctly. “Allow us to fine tune your accounting software”

International Accounting Services

Being small doesn’t mean your company cannot be a global company. We have assisted small businesses in international accounting services in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. John Grogan has visited these countries on behalf of his small business clients and helps negotiate business deals with the various agencies involved in an overseas operation. We have also assisted foreign companies in looking to expand to the United States.

Reconstruction Services

Accounting system breakdowns, employee theft and employee embezzlement happens far more often than business owners realize. These circumstances occur at the worst possible time and may endanger your small company’s existence. We have worked with clients at these difficult times to provide your business with a path out of these circumstances. We will also reestablish your records and clean up your accounting system. Our services include anything recreating accounting records from a disaster to preparing forensic accounting evidence for your attorney.

Corporate and Business Tax Planning

We have assisted many small businesses with their business tax planning and compliance needs. This includes tax planning and the preparation of business tax returns. Our services also include dealing with the IRS and other governmental agencies.

Audit Preparation

If your company is not prepared for an audit there is a likelihood the audit cost will be far more than anticipated. If you have an audit requirement, more time may be necessary preparing for the audit than your company can manage at this time and it usually takes more time preparing to be audited than the time the audit takes place. We can assist you in the preparation for the audit and with our experience as former auditors we know what your audit firm is looking for.

For more information about John, check out his background. You can also send him a message today.